Culver'sWhile working at the supper club called the Farm Kitchen Resort, Craig Culver met his wife Lea. Her parents owned the supper club and agreed to help Craig open his own restaurant. Craig had worked for some years at a McDonald’s location, and was inspired to create a burger restaurant. In 1980 the whole family worked together to convert an old A&W root beer stand into the first Culver’s ButterBurger and Frozen Custard location in Wisconsin.

The chain currently operates 400 locations primarily centered in the Midwest. However, unlike other burger chains, Culver’s wasn’t a breakout hit in their first year. The restaurant didn’t even break even until its second year. Once the place began to get regular visitors though, the demand for more chain locations grew. The chain’s first non-Wisconsin location was opened in 1995 in Buffalo, Minnesota. Since 2000 the chain has expanded to states like Ohio, Wyoming and Colorado.

The base of the Culver’s burger menu is the ButterBurger. The all beef patty contains no butter, but the buns are buttered and lightly toasted for a crisp and delicious finish. Other burgers on the menu expand on the basic single patty ButterBurger by adding more patties, fresh Wisconsin cheese, or exciting toppings. The Culver’s Deluxe is a basic double cheeseburger with two patties and two slices of cheese, topped by lettuce, tomato and onion. Other burgers feature toppings like grilled mushrooms, onions and smoky cheddar cheese.

Culver's ButterBurgerThe chain is also known for their line of frozen custard desserts. Few other chains in America still offer custard. Their custard has a soft serve consistency and many of the desserts feature mix in ingredients like crushed cookies, candy and other toppings. The restaurant chain is currently considering expansion into more Western states such as California and Arizona.