FuddruckersIn 1980, Philip Romano converted an old bank building into a restaurant. He called it Freddie Fuddruckers and based its menu around large and generously topped burgers. The original restaurant was located in San Antonio, Texas. Romano sold the restaurant chain in 1988 when he left to start a new restaurant chain, known as Romano’s Macaroni Grill. In April of 2010, the parent brand of Fuddruckers filed for bankruptcy in the chain closed 24 locations. The chain was revived when later that year, Luby’s Cafeteria purchased the brand. There are currently 175 locations in the United States, and a handful of locations in Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia.

The casual dining style of the restaurant proved popular with consumers who were tired of fast food drive-thru’s. While diners must order their burger or sandwich at a counter when they first enter, a waitress or waiter brings them their order and serves them for the remainder of the time in the restaurant.

Fuddruckers also stands out above other burger chains because of their Market Fresh Burger Topping Bar. The menu contains a number of different burgers, with different flavorings or meat composition, but these burgers are served plain and with no toppings. Customers must choose and apply their own condiments, vegetables like lettuce and tomato, and premium toppings like nacho cheese or ranch salad dressing. This makes a meal at Fuddruckers more of an experience.

Fuddruckers PrimeThe burger menu includes a number of patties made from 100% beef, ranging in size from the small one third pound patty to the full-sized pound patty. This line is known as the Fudd’s Prime menu. What really makes this burger restaurant different than others is the Exotic menu. These burgers are made from exotic meats like ostrich, boar and bison. Not all locations offer the same exotic burger options due to availability, but each restaurant offers at least one unusual meat variety.