Heart Attack GrillOther burger chains are known for a specific specialty burger like the Big Mac or the Whopper. Some chains stand out by selling small sliders, like Krystals, or square patties like Wendy’s. Heart Attack Grill isn’t the oldest or largest chain either, but it does take the award for the most controversial hamburger chain in America. No other chains have drawn the same criticism from health professionals and protests from healthy food activists and nurses.

Heart Attack Grill was founded in 2005 by Jon Basso. He still mans the grill nearly everyday at the original Chandler, Arizona restaurant in a doctor’s coat. The chain also has two locations in Dallas, Texas. Unlike other hamburger chains, this restaurant focuses on a hospital theme. Waitresses are dressed as nurses and give the patient a hospital tag around their wrist with their order. This portrayal of health care workers has drawn the ire of many nurses’ professional organizations and unions. Nurse groups have made a number of live protests in front of the original restaurant since 2005.

Heart Attack Grill Quadruple Bypass BurgerTrue to its name, the restaurant’s menu focuses on foods that are extremely unhealthy. Only four burgers are served. The Single and Double feature all beef patties and the usual trimmings, but the Triple Bypass and the Quadruple Bypass are the show stealers. The Quadruple Bypass has four half pound patties, totally 2 pounds of total beef, and eight slices of American cheese. The lard smeared bun brings the total calorie count for the burger to 8,000 calories, or four days worth for an average adult.

The restaurant also serves an unlimited “Flatliner Fries” side dish that consists of french fries fried in pure lard. Customers are encouraged to eat as many as possible along with their burger. The drink menu features energy drinks like Jolt Cola, Coca Cola with sugar instead of corn syrup and even tequila. Smokers are offered unfiltered Lucky Strike cigarettes, and children can play along with candy cigarettes.