SmashburgerThe latest newcomer on the burger chain scene is doing surprisingly well due to a strict focus on quality over speed or low prices. Smashburger was founded in 2007 by Tom Ryan. Ryan had successfully run many fast food chain locations in the Pizza

Hut, Quizno’s and other brands. He used his two decades of experience to create a burger restaurant that he hoped would “be every city’s favorite place for burgers”. The original Smashburger was built in Denver, but by 2009 the company had secured a $15 million loan for expansion. The chain now has over 100 locations and plans to double this number by next year. Customers have taken to the Smashburger concept even as other fast food chains see little growth. Restaurants within this brand are usually located in shopping centers or stand alone restaurants, and are designed more like casual restaurants than a fast food location.

Classic SmashburgerThe Smashburger is named after the cooking method used for these tasty and juicy beef patties. A ball of ground beef is placed on the grill and then smashed with the spatula instead of shaped by hand. This creates uneven edges and crevices that trap flavor. The Classic Smashburger is a basic hamburger topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion. A special Smash Sauce tops the burger. The All American Smashburger is just cheese, condiments and pickles. Premium toppings include the BBQ, Bacon & Cheese, the Spicy Baja with guacamole and the Mushroom Swiss.

Customers can also create their own unique Smashburgers by mixing and matching toppings. The other burgers come on an egg bread bun, but multi-grain and chipotle flavored buns are also available. Five cheeses, six sauces and six toppings make for hundreds of different combinations. Extra add-ons include guacamole, bacon, fried pickles and extra patties.