WhataburgerHarmon Dobson began his small hamburger stand in 1950 with the goal of making a large hamburger that made his customers exclaim, “What a Burger!”. The small stand in Corpus Christi, Texas proved successful enough to lead to five restaurants and a franchise contract in just two years. The 21st restaurant was the first to leave the state of Texas and was located in Pensacola, Florida. Unlike other chains, Whataburger has been expanding rapidly since the first year of operation.

Whataburger has almost 700 locations in the United States today, but is located mainly in the Southern United States. Only 10 states feature Whataburger locations, and many locations are clustered around a single metro city in the state instead of spread across it. The chain started with distinctive A framed buildings, but modern locations retain the winged W and A framing in the roof sections only. The chain pulls in over $1 billion in sales every year, and serves over 10 million customers a year at their Texas locations alone.

Whataburger WhataburgerThe Whataburger menu is focused around limited time specials, rather than classic core products. The Whataburger and Whatachicken are the basic hamburger and chicken sandwich options, but each month the chain adds new flavors and toppings. Customers can also add toppings like grilled jalapenos, pickles and cheese to any sandwich they choose. Recent limited time specials include the Chop House Cheddar Burger and strawberry pies.

Whataburger may not have invented the first cheeseburger or be the oldest chain, but for their fans they remain the best burger chain in America. Many customers who have eaten a Whataburger on a trip crave them once they return home to a state without any locations. The chain focuses on changing their menu and experimenting with new flavors, but will always offer the basic Whataburger for fans of the classic special.